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As we previously reported, Ebony magazine paid tribute to Trayvon Martin with four different covers of their September 2013 issue.  However, some dim members of the population took offense to the move by the 68-year-old publication for African-Americans.

Conservative aggregator Twitchy.com took issue with Ebony and those looking to repeal Stand Your Ground laws with the standard, lazy deflection of black-on-black crime stats.   Rumors sprouted that members of the Tea Party were planning to boycott the magazine, but have not been substantiated.

However, the irony of a conservative group boycotting an entity they probably never supported in the first place was not lost on Ebony or Twitter users.

“We have so many Tea Party readers and followers. To lose all zero of them due to our September cover would be devastating.”

Before long the hashtag #WhitePeopleBoycottingEbony was created by Twitter user FoxyJazzabelle (we love that name btw) and the witty responses came faster than a virgin on prom night.


So if the Tea Party was actually thinking of boycotting Ebony they may have to find a medium other than Twitter to gather support. The Tweets are watching.


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