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According to TMZ, Usher‘s son Usher Raymond V is in the ICU at an Atlanta hospital after a serious accident in the singer’s pool Monday.

A curious little Usher the V was playing in the pool when he saw a toy in the drain.  He dove down to retrieve it  and his arm became stuck in the drain.  His aunt immediately dove in to rescue him but couldn’t get his hand free. The maid then dove in as well but was unsuccessful in getting him loose.

When the maid screamed for help two men working in the house came out, dove in and freed the boy.  He was given CPR immediately and rushed to the hospital.  Usher arrived and drove in the ambulance with his son.

Doctors say the boy will be ok, which is good news. Last year Kile, the 11-year-old son of Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond, died after sustaining injuries in a jet ski accident.

Usher had obtained custody of Usher the V and his brother from his ex Tameka in a long fought court battle.  Usher asserted that Tameka was a negligent parent.

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