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We don’t know what to say about this except it will be nice when this is a thing of the past. According to Huffington Post, in a recent interview Dr. Cornel West said some things about President Obama that many feel went way too far. Check it out below.



Said West,

“We know anybody who tries to rationalize the killing of innocent people is a criminal. George Zimmerman is a criminal. But President Obama is a global George Zimmerman because he tries to rationalize the killing of innocent children, 221 so far, in the name of self-defense… Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen. So when he comes to talk about the killing of an innocent person, you say, ‘Well, wait a minute, what kind of moral authority are you bringing?’”‘

Let us remember though that Dr. West not unlike Tavis Smiley has a personal axe to grind with Obama. If you recall he  felt a way about not being able to get in to Obama’s inauguration. He has not been the same toward the President since.

Melissa Harris Perry of MSNBC’s Nerdland aka MHP had this to say about West’s comments in a recent Blog,

“In a self-aggrandizing, victimology sermon deceptively wrapped in the discourse of prophetic witness, Professor West offers thin criticism of President Obama and stunning insight into the delicate ego of the self-appointed black leadership class that has been largely supplanted in recent years. One example of West’s “delicate ego” was the “personal betrayal” West described in a 2011 interview with TruthDig’s Chris Hedges. In the piece, West describes the moment when his relationship with Obama began to sour:

“But then a month and half later I would run into other people on the campaign and he’s calling them all the time. I said, ‘Wow, this is kind of strange. He doesn’t have time, even two seconds, to say thank you or, “I’m glad you’re pulling for me and praying for me,” but he’s calling these other people.’ I said, ‘This is very interesting.’ And then, as it turns out with the inauguration, I couldn’t get a ticket with my mother and my brother. I said, ‘This is very strange.’ We drive into the hotel and the guy who picks up my bags from the hotel has a ticket to the inauguration. My mom says, ‘That’s something that this dear brother can get a ticket and you can’t get one, honey, all the work you did for him from Iowa.’ Beginning in Iowa to Ohio. We had to watch the thing in the hotel.”

Glad this isn’t a personal beef he has with the President though…because that would be terrible we said very sarcastically.


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