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Who saw this coming? It’s been 30 years since we’ve seen Ola Ray in the most well-known music videos of all time, Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller.” But she decided 2013 was the time to make a tribute to the late and great one.

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Hear me out, she made a video which was more like a spoof of “Thriller” and it was god-awful. I am all for creative and artistic expression, but some things should just be left for self and not for the Internets to see! Put that sh*t in a diary and throw away the key! And this is all kind of interesting especially because she sued MJ before his death about unpaid money from the video back in 2009.

Lawd, we see her move from the church to the cemetery dancing around with zombies flashing back to the actual “Thriller” video from when she was 22. “All I wanted was your embrace. Don’t you know that you make me scream?” *Cue Ola Ray screaming from “Thriller*

Okay, ma’am, bye.

I’m buggin’ or was this song and video actually decent?

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