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K. Foxx from VH1’s newest reality TV show “Gossip Game” called into the TT Torrez Show to girl talk with TT about how she had to check her boss for a joke he made about her, drama on the show, and why she decided to do reality television in the first place.

Check it out:

On the conversation she had with her boss about a joke he made about her “sleeping her way to the top”:

K. Foxx said she had a difficult time figuring out if she should stand up for herself or not because she didn’t want to be labeled as the woman who complains about every little thing. She said she felt had to stand up for herself because it was tainting her reputation. She said you have to pick and choose your battles and that was one battle she felt needed to be addressed.

On the drama between Ms. Drama and blogger Vivan:

K. Foxx said she knows Ms. Drama and she’s not as crazy as VH1 editing is making her look. She said she feels Ms Drama is being picked on a little bit.

On why she decided to do reality TV:

K. Foxx said she went back and forth on whether or not she should do the show. She then realized that the show is about the women who want to be in this industry and the trials and tribulations she has to go through.

On how she differentiates herself from everyone else when she has to give a certain level of entertainment:

K. Foxx said she’s still trying to figure that out.

On the controversy between her and Angela Yee:

K. Foxx said she has no personal tension or animosity towards Angela Yee. She said Angela can do her thing over there and she’ll do her thing over here.

Check out the Gossip Game on VH1 Monday nights at 9pm/EST.

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