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Things are getting crazy in New London, New Hampshire. The police chief just relinquished his position after a woman accused him of offering to drop charges against her if she sent him nude photos.

New London police chief David Seastrand is being accused of sexual misconduct by a young female college student who said the incident was hours upon hours of harassment. The college student’s attorney Richard Lehmann stated, “There was an extended attempt to bargain away her criminal charges in exchange for her allowing herself to be photographed naked. Obviously she refused, and frankly, it was a brave act for her to report this matter to the attorney general’s office.”

Seastrand announced he was retiring from the police force on April 1st. He said he would finish out the month and then vacate his current position. Later, it was discovered Seastrand’s retirement would go into effect immediately as a way to avoid any criminal charges. According to a press release from the New Hampshire attorney’s general, Seastrand also forfeited his police officer certification. The attorney general got involved after the college student filed a complaint on March 6th.

Lehmann said his client is a little upset there won’t be any charges filed against the police chief and is thinking about filing lawsuits against the police chief and the town itself. “She’s had to live in town, continue going to school in town, knowing this was pending all this time,” Lehmann offered. “And that’s caused her a great deal of stress and interfered with her life.”

How would you feel if you were that young girl and nothing happened to the person who harassed you for nude photos in exchange for him to drop some minor criminal charge?



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Police Chief Resigns After Sexual Misconduct Accusations Arise  was originally published on theurbandaily.com