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Alicia Keys tells Oprah in an interview that she always knew that she and Swizz were meant to be together once officially dating. After meeting Swizz Beats she feLl in love with his ability to show her LIFE and how much she needed SPONTANEITY in her world.

This is what happened during the interview- The Full SCOOP:

On knowing that Swizz Beatz would some day become her husband

I really learned what everyone meant when they said, ‘You know when you know’ when I met my husband. I never knew what that meant and it sounded to me like some weird kind of slogan. I’m like ‘What do you mean, you know when you know?’ But actually you do know when you know and that’s with everything in life. Like you know it, you feel it, its just that we convince ourselves that we’re not feeling it or we convince ourselves that its not right or something. But you do know when you know.

On his persona and how he inspires her

He’s such an incredibly, crazy, spontaneous, full of life person. He’s just bubbling over with life. I’ve never met a person like him — ever. Few of us are able to be that free, to just follow our light, and know that it’s going to lead you where you’re meant to go. So, he’s definitely taught me a lot about freedom, and a lot about spontaneity and being open to life and how it’s going to happen.

On who she was before she met Swizz Beatz

I think before, I was always so regimented about how everything had to happen. I had to plan it all out perfect. But that’s not quite life. That’s part of life, don’t get it wrong! You definitely have to plan things and execute them. But there’s also another part of life that’s very spontaneous, it’s very natural. It kind of unfolds and it happens to you.