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Despite not really carrying the baby, Kanye West is very pregnant. If he isn’t pregnant, he is definitely on his monthly because his mood is swinging violently between happy and all-the-way-out-there-crazy. At a recent show in London, Kanye West began screaming and throwing the mic which bounced off the stage and hit a fan.

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West made headlines over the weekend for telling a sold out London crowd that although he has love for his friend and mentor Jay-Z, he isn’t rocking with Jigga’s new song with Justin Timberlake “Suit & Tie.” West topped that rant with his actions at his second London show. Kanye began randomly screaming while performing “Touch the Sky.” After damn near rupturing his larynx, Kanye West threw his mic which bounced off the stage and struck a fan in the arm.

According to reports, Kanye threw one of his patented tantrums because he was upset about elements in the show not being to his satisfaction. We think it had more to do with the pregnancy weight he’s picking up by eating all of the things Kim Kardashian can’t finish. You know that happens. Maybe after Kim gives birth, Kanye will go back to being “normal.” One can only hope.


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