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Years ago, Eve was on top of the rap game. She was dishing out Top 10 hits with folks like Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani, all while working on a clothing line and starring in her very own television series. She eventually fired her management team (who currently manages Lady Gaga) and disappeared off the scene.

According to Eve, who stopped by the Breakfast Club Morning Show this morning, she’s been very happy while focusing on life in London ever since she found love with her multi-millionaire boyfriend. She also dished her thoughts on some of the girls who are dominating the game like Nicki Minaj, says she’s not feeling Azealia Banks’ constantly beefing with other artists, and denied rumors that she is pregnant.

Peep the highlights:

On Her Boyfriend Max

He’s not a billionaire. [He’s rich though.] He’s completely comfortable. […]

It is my first time dating a white guy. I love my black men. I used to be engaged to an African. You can’t get blacker than an African. This just happened. I wasn’t looking for it. I really wasn’t looking for a white. No offense to the white guys in the room, [but] it just happened. We met and he holds me down so hard. He’s so supportive.

His friends were hating hard. They Googled me and sent him wild links of things. Obviously, I’m the black girl coming in. He comes from a certain place and some of his friends come from a certain place and it was just like “Wow, why are you dating this rapping chick?” We had to talk about stuff like that but after he was just like “Whatever I don’t even care. As long as you love me, it’s real.”

Eve On Rumors That She Is Pregnant

I’m not pregnant. It was that puffy coat. I’m not pregnant yet, hopefully soon…knock on wood. People lie talking about my friends said that. I don’t know what friend that was because my circle is [small]. I want babies. It will never hold you back. To me that’s the ultimate blessing. I’ve been blessed, but that’s the ultimate.

On Getting Back Into Making New Music & Why It’s Taken So Long

For the last couple of years people have been asking, ‘Where you been, what have you been doing?’ And I’ve been performing all over the world, but I’m back.[…]I’ve been working my a– off. Honestly. I’ve been working and having fun.[…]I moved to London for love, but also I needed a change. Definitely needed a change. I’m happy I did it because it made me look at things a different way. Now I’m excited to be back in New York.

I’ve been wanting to come back, it’s just that the situation hasn’t been right. Meaning my situation as far as label stuff, management, lawyers…literally the whole situation. And now, it’s the right situation. I miss my music and my music is my first love and I feel like I still got s–t to say.[…]Listen, at the end of the day, I have to say when I came out I think music was one way. You were in a box. You were a female rapper. You had to rap a certain way. Especially, coming from where I came from with Ruff Ryders. I think now music is more exciting, you can experiment, and that’s what’s exciting to me as [an] artist.

Eve On Why She Fell Back From Hollywood:

I think it was me. I kind of fell back off it. After the TV show, it was a lot of work. I was the youngest person on the set. Everyone was having babies and buying houses. I was coming to the set at 9, coming out the club at 4. After that I was like ‘I need a life!’ and backed up off of it. I want to get back into it. I miss it now.

On Female Rappers

When I got in the industry I was so naïve. I would go up to [Lil] Kim and be like “Hey Kim! I used to listen to you in high school!” and girls used to be like “Oh that’s cute, you cute.” Girls don’t be holding each other down. Me? You can call me anytime. I’ve never been that type of chick. I think that girls should stick together but it ain’t like that.[…]There’s so much testosterone in the game. These dudes work together all the time making hot records. If girls just did that and had that same mentality [that] it’s not just about one and the girls that are popping we make a record together — do you know the movement?

On Azealia Banks

I like her wordplay. I think she actually can rhyme. I just don’t like the drama. That bothers me.[Would you tap her for the album?] Um, yeah? Didn’t we try to get her? I think she may have been one of the ones who was like, ‘I think I’m busy.’

On Nicki Minaj

We are so different. I just want people to hear me for me and not compare me to what she’s doing, how she’s poppin, and how she’s doing her thing. She’s in her own lane living her life.

It’s not all my cup of tea. I’m proud of her. I don’t know her, but she’s doing her thing. You can’t be mad at that. I love hearing her on certain records. I love her on ‘Girl on fire,’ I love hearing her like that. She’s doing her thing. You can’t hate on someone that’s successful.