West coast rapper The Game stopped by the iPower 92.1 studio to g-chat with TT Torrez about his new album titled Jesus Piece (drops Dec. 11th), his controversial album cover, upcoming West coast rapper Kendrick Lamar, his beef with rapper 40 Glocc, his new reality show with his fiancee’/mother of his children Tiffney Cambridge (airs Nov. 19th) and more!


On his beef with 40 Glocc:

The Game said after he beat 40 Glocc up and posted the video to World Star, he sued Game! Game said he paid 40 Glocc his little money then tweeted he would beat his a** again! Game said he didn’t think 40 Glocc would press charges or sue him, but since he did that ends his “rap” career. The fact that he pressed charges kills all credibility that he’s a “gangsta.”

On his controversial album cover to his new album, Jesus Piece:

Game said the meaning behind his album cover is that nobody has seen Jesus personally so don’t knock his “artwork.” If you don’t like it, don’t buy the album. He said his album cover is a symbolization of what he thinks Jesus might look like from what he’s read in the Bible mixed up with things he has encountered and things that embodies his career since the beginning. He called it a balance between the streets, family and religion.

On calling upcoming rapper Kendrick Lamar the “West Coast Nas”:

Game said Kendrick Lamar is very lyrical and he’s not trying to be someone he’s not. Game said Kendrick’s new album is solid album. Game revealed Kendrick Lamar’s rap name use to be K. Dot but he suggested he drop that name and use his real name Kendrick Lamar.

On his reality show with his girlfriend/baby mama, Tiffney:

Game said he doesn’t think the reality show will hurt his career because his fans already know him. He said his show gets a little ratchet and they do everything they possibly could do on the show without getting kicked off cable television.

On why they cancelled the wedding:

Game said “because life happens.” When asked if he and Gloria Govan from Basketball Wives L.A. got it in…he said it’s not true!

So did he and his fiancee’ Tiffney get married? You have to watch the show. Tune in November 19th on VH1.

Game’s new album Jesus Piece drops Dec. 11th.

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