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On Tuesday November 6th rapper (and sometimes actor) Saigon will release his second studio album, The Greatest Story Never Told 2: Bread & Circuses.  The Election Day release date was premeditated, as Sai is taking a politician’s tact in promoting the album.

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“People did away with street teams so I’m gonna do it like a politician when he’s running for office,” he told “I think hip-hop needs a change.  We need hip-hop to go be progressive and move forward and not be stuck where it’s at. That’s what we’re trying to do with Bread & Circuses November 6th.”

Of all the political ploys Sai could adopt,  he went to the proven kissing babies routine to court your votes, but in this case the baby is his. Juggling promotional duties and fatherhood Sai conducted the interview with his toddler Milan on his lap.  Isn’t that alone worth a vote?

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