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Early this morning, Eva (current star of Oxygen’s Girlfriend Confidential LA), stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk candidly about her new show and flourishing career, as well as all things revolving around her very public personal life. She revealed why her relationship with Lance came to an end as well as how she first met Flo Rida. She also claimed that it was only after she dated Flo Rida and folks realized that he had money, that Melyssa Ford (his current girlfriend) became interested.

Now, after a stint with an actor and rapper, Eva has snagged herself a regular guy, [With golds and tats and all that and she dishes on how he was able to capture her attention and ultimately win her heart.

Peep some of the highlights from the interview below:

On being engaged to Lance Gross and why the relationship did not work out

we were together for 5 years. When I started dating Lance, I was young and we were definitely in love but I don’t think either one of us were really ready to get married. I know that we were both committed to each other and he didn’t want to be with anyone else. I didn’t want to be with anyone else. So, naturally you feel like the next step is, ‘Let me propose’. So when he proposed, I definitely wanted to be with him, but I wanted to have a long engagement. And then, a year and a half [later], the wedding is coming up and we just wasn’t ready. He didn’t do anything wrong, he never cheated on me, I never cheated on him. He’s still a great guy. Whoever ends up dating him is gonna be very lucky. It just wasn’t my moment.

On How She Met Flo Rida

I do this thing for BET every year, it’s called the Coca Cola lounge. I was in the lounge and he came up to me and we had to do a little interview together and he stuttered a little bit but he kind of bossed up and he thought I was attractive. So he asked if we could hang out while he was out here. I was extremely single, so I gave him my number and then we were suppose to go on a date and my car caught a flat coming over the canyon in LA and he literally like came over there to fix my tire […] and he had been waiting for me at dinner for like an hour and a half, two hours…who were over it. From there, just a friendship blossomed.

On whether Flo Rida left her for Melyssa Ford

Never. She realized that he had money after I dated him and decided that she wanted him. A lot of times women don’t give guys the credit necessary until they understand their bank account. And so, seeing that obviously I dated him, to other women that tells them that he must have money, or that he must be more successful than you thought. So now he’s eligible.

On why she broke up with Flo Rida

I didn’t want anything too serious. Flo is a great guy [….] but I had just come out of a very serious relationship and he got really holy on me and wanted to go to church all of the time and I was just trying to kick it. So, then he wanted to take me to church. Then the preacher was like, ‘You guys are gonna get married,’ and when I heard the marriage line I was just like whoaaaa.

[Eva obviously has commitment issues…]

On how she would like to be approached

I’m a real bossy woman so I like men with even bigger balls. I like very confident men. I like the man that comes over like, ‘Look this is what you need in your life.’

On who she is currently dating

I’m dating this guy, He is from Jamaica. He lives in LA. Very regular guy. Super regular. Gold teeth, tattoos. [He is] a music producer. He is just grinding out. He is on the come up.

On how her new guy caught her attention

I was hosting at a club and you guys know when you host a club, you don’t need to buy me a bottle because they bring those bottles. It’s part of my contract. So he is sending bottles over to my table and I’m there – I was single at the time – with friends, with guys that were good looking and big, so I was wondering who is this dude to send me bottles of drinks when I don’t need them. I can get them for free. I’m with men and anyone of them could be my boyfriend, so that kind of stuff intrigues me. I wanted to know who had those big balls. So I sent my assistant over to find out who that guy was and got his number. So I texted him and said, ‘Thank you for the bottles, I really appreciate it,’ and then the next day, he asked me to dinner. We went to BOA. I realized that he was younger than I [thought]. I didn’t know what age he was, but I usually don’t date younger guys. He closed BOA (Steakhouse) down; he got a little respect in the city.


I bet if dude was BROKE her A** wouldn’t text him back!

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