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Trey Songz hit up the ‘804’ to celebrate the release of his 5th studio album, Chapter V  and of course he had to stop by iPower92 and g-chat with TT Torrez!

Trey Songz’s fifth studio album, Chapter V, has reached #1 on the Billboard charts and Trey has come back to where it all started.

TT reflected on Trey Songz growth as an artist starting at his Atlantic showcase (in his white suit) with Gerald Levert in the audience at B.B. Kings in New York. Trey talked about how he gives his all in everything he does and how he’s as passionate and dedicated to his music now as he was when he was at the beginning–handing out his music for free.

When asked if he thought he would be as successful as he is right now and Trey responded, “where I am now is a shortcoming of where I will be.”

Trey talked about how he has changed and evolved as a better businessman, his very first #1 album,

On people who misinterpret his confidence as cockiness:

“If you allow people to put you in a mind space whereas though, you believing in yourself is arrogance, then those people shouldn’t affect you like that. It’s one of my favorite sayings, ‘Not to let the voice of others drown out your inner voice’ And what that means to me is that, if I don’t believe in me and I don’t believe in what it is I came to do, then who else will believe in it. You can’t please everybody.”

Trey also talked about his perception on women, how he takes pride in being able to take care of his family and how he plans on having longevity in this business.

Check it out below: