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Eric Benet has responded to the backlash about his “Redbone Girl” track saying that “haters” are being racist towards lighter skinned chicks.

Singer Eric Benet has publicly responded to criticism he’s received from fans regarding his “Redbone Girl” track featuring Lil’ Wayne.  The song appears on his 6th studio album The One.

Some folks are a angry that he’s singing the praises of a “lighter” skinned chick and Lil’ Wayne co-signing and saying things like “I like the long hair, thick redbone … I like ‘em light-skinned, lighter than a feather…” surely isn’t helping.

Though he kicks off the track saying he loves ALL women….folks are taking issue.  Too sensitive? Or should he have been addressed just as people did?

Eric spoke about the backlash to a radio station saying,

“I think it’s its own form of racism. I did a song called “Chocolate Legs’ about my experience with a dark-skin lady. There was no anger or uproar of ‘how dare you.’ So ‘Redbone Girl’ is one song about one experience about a girl who happens to be light-complected, but there was quite an uproar.”

Despite the controversy, Eric thinks the song will create a discussion around issues of race in this country.  He said,

“I think the fact that we are talking about it, it’s an issue,” he said. “Now it makes me, on my next record, want to talk about an experience with an Asian girl. What I was trying to do as a songwriter is talk about the beauty of all. One at a time. The fact that it’s so sensitive, we need to talk about it.”

So what do you think?  Are listeners who are offended by the song because they are dealing with their own racial insecurities?  Or is there a history of intra-racism that needs to be respected?