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The buzz around the cast of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” just keeps on building as we get closer and closer to the season finale this month. Just when you thought you knew the “Love & Hip Hop” players inside and out, the self-proclaimed actress, model and singer Erica Mena finally steps to the plate in an emotional interview about her past, her abusive relationship with Fat Joe’s best friend Raoul and the son they have together plus a side of her that the world hasn’t really seen yet.

And so the drama on and off of our TV screens continues. This one got a bit juicy as TT Torrez digs in on Erica Mena regarding her bogus career claims on the show. Check it out for yourself to find out her response to what being a role model really is and where she stands on the rest of the “Love & Hip Hop” cast members.

On her downfall on the show:

Unfortunately, this season I didn’t have much of a storyline where I got to actually let the viewers know more about myself. What you guys see is just me meeting with Yandy and then after that these conflicts that I keep having with Kimbella. It is an unfortunate situation. It makes good television, but that’s not who I am. There are more dynamics to me and that was the whole reason for me being on the show – what I’m about, how I’ve made everything happen for me, but I will say it did backfire on me.

On the comparisons to Kimbella’s modeling career:

One thing I do is make sure it’s all tasteful. It’s more about the tastefulness and how you deliver it.

On the infamous VIBE interview and remarks against Kimbella:

I could’ve taken the high road instead of mentioning anything about her (Kimbella) in the VIBE interview. By the time I got to VIBE, this whole Twitter thing was all over the Internet. This was a little beef that she started, so it was only right I guess that they had asked me. What I do regret is basically answering the question about her because I could’ve just brushed her under the rug, but I think I was just so upset at the fact that I did apologize and tried to move on and then she basically started a whole new riff.

On her relationship with Fat Joe’s best friend Raoul, the father of her son & the video that exposed the demise of the relationship:

What you see with us is just me basically finally defending myself. It was a really a bad time. I was parting ways with that relationship and I thought I had moved on, but before you know it I was being attacked as if I was still in the relationship. It was seven years of it. It’s been a long journey for me.

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