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Rap artist Lil Boosie’s mother “Ms. Connie” appeared live on the air today with our very own TT Torrez to clear the air and set the record straight on her beloved son (Torrance Hatch) and his incarceration. After pleading guilty to smuggling drugs into prison just hours ago, there’s a lot to be said and confirmed about the chain of events that led up to the Hip Hop star’s legal woes.

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Check out Ms. Connie’s perspective as she reveals what is said to be a personal vendetta against Lil Boosie and the way she’s even experienced harassment from Louisiana officers just trying to get their break, too. Ms. Connie opens up about how the IRS wiped out the family’s support system and even tells TT Torrez who actually helped and who didn’t when it came to the infamous “Free Boosie” concerts.

On the latest updates from Lil Boosie behind bars:

Torrance is doing fine. He’s at Angola here in Louisiana. Right now he’s in CCR. He is on lockdown 24 hours, but he comes out for at least an hour everyday. There’s so much incorrect information that has been placed on the Internet.

On the myths and rumors:

They don’t have the facts. It was stated in one article that Torrance was charged with nine murders. That’s not true. What he has been charged for is just one murder and they’re calling it a conspiracy. A 16-year-old has been charged with six murders and he lied on Torrance stating that Torrance gave him $1,200 despite what the D.A. says.

On whether or not Lil Boosie has really been linked to the murders as a shooter:

No, there’s no truth to that either.

On the misinterpretation of Lil Boosie’s lyrics:

In one of his songs, Torrance was saying something about “The D.A. might be dead by the time he gets home...” They took that as a threat, they took it the negative way, but the reason he was even talking about it is because there were rumors going around this little small city that our D.A. was sick. So this is just a personal thing that he has against Torrance.

On where we can all find more accurate information on Lil Boosie:

If you want the real deal on what’s happening with Lil Boosie, visit BoosieJustice.com.

On the release of Lil Boosie’s album:

No, I don’t even know which one you’re talking about.

On what’s being overlooked about the real Lil Boosie:

He’s done so much for the community especially with our at-risk kids. They’ve never displayed in the media that every Easter he sponsors our Easter Bash. He donates $35K for electronics and for students who have maintained a certain grade-point average. He granted a wish for a cancer patient who just wanted to spend the day with him before he passed. Today, the patient is now 16-years-old. They look at things like he’s just so negative and is a target, but it’s all not true.


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