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T.I has been opening up about his recent prison stint, new book and sexual rumors we heard  that may have happened while incarcerated. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club T.I divulges the information and juicy details we were all hoping to hear!

On getting into a fight in prison:

I did [get into a fight] but not this particular time; it was the first time I went. I guess I had been there about a month or so.  It wasn’t face to face, like total disrespect, that kind of thing. It was just a guy who I was rocking with that said, “Hey man, I had to holla at this dude and I had to straighten these guys out because they were talking about this, that and the other about you.” I said, “What did they say?” Man, he told me what they said and I took it as being disrespectful and so I asked dude “Is that how you feel?” and he was like, “Well, yeah …yada yada.” I said, “Well, I need to see you.”

The Alleged “Hand Job:”

Let’s just say that they have their rules and their rules say that hands should be visible at all times. If the hand is not visible then they imply or assume that certain activities are taking place. So the activity doesn’t have to be taking place if the hand is hidden.

I’m not denying the hand wasn’t visible. I’m not denying that but I am denying that there was a full fledge hand job being accepted or given. I will say this, there was nothing been done right then and there that could not been done in any public place outside of that prison.

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