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It was only a few months ago that Cash Money CEO Birdman took to his Twitter to announce that he had recently purchased an $8 million exclusive Maybach Exelero coupe, going as far as tweeting photos of the luxury vehicle, while revealing he would paint it red when it arrived in December.

The pricey whip would have been added to Birdman’s already expensive car collection that includes a $1.5 million dollar Maybach Landaulet and a $2 million dollar Bugatti Veyron, however, a rep has recently revealed to ‘MotorAuthority’ that he has yet to pay for the vehicle.

Arnaud Massartic, a European entrepreneur who says he’s selling the $8 million Maybach, claims Birdman hasn’t yet paid him

Although Birdman hasn’t paid for the one of a kind car yet, and still owes money on some of his other vehicles, he’s doesn’t appear to be hurting for cash. He reportedly made $15 million over the past year, with a fortune valued around $100 million, a number that he believes is too “low”:

“I just felt $100 million was low. With all the different entities, I think I should still be a lot more than that. $500 million. $250 million, easy … As a child I always felt if I could make $1 million, I could make $100 million. If I could get $100 million, I’m just nine steps away from being a billionaire. And that’s the goal.”

Birdman’s business manager, Vernon Brown, told Forbes that there are times when his purchases make his advisors nervous:

“How could I not get nervous? We scream and shout about it, but we’ve been screaming and shouting for 15 years. Basically, he never risks more than he has in his pocket, and he wouldn’t even think of risking anything in his bank account.”

It would be interesting to know, outside of splurging on multi-million dollar cars, what Birdman’s investment portfolio looks like. If he indeed purchases the Maybach Exelero, he would own over $10 million dollars worth of cars alone. Yikes

Photo By: gossiboocrew.com