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A writer for the Huffington Post has written an article on why African Americans are more likely to participate on the social networking site, Twitter, than white people.

Instead, the research concluded that an interest in entertainment news was a “significant predictor” of Twitter use and that African American users were “more likely” than other groups to have a greater interest in celebrity and gossip updates.

“African Americans are more likely to be on Twitter, and it looks like they’re more interested in celebrity and entertainment news than whites, which explains this difference,” said Eszter Hargittai, a co-author with Eden Litt of the study “The tweet smell of celebrity success”, which will appear in the August issue of the journal New Media & Society.

“One of the reasons that Twitter has been successful among African Americans is that it’s good for people who like entertainment content and African Americans skew high on consuming entertainment content,” said Omar Wasow, co-founder of the social network “Twitter is a place you can follow lots of celebrities. It’s a better experience if you’re interested in entertainment than say Facebook.”

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