Celebs take to their Twitter expressing their opinions and emtions after hearing a ‘not guilty’ verdict for Casey Anthony in the trial for the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Find out what Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Bow Wow and more after the cut…

Tichina Arnold: Watching the Kasey Anthony verdict. “Not Guilty”. OK…so who IS? There is still a dead little girl.

Terry McMillan: Bye bye. I would like to slap Casey hard enough to knock off her ponytail.

Star Jones (she also has a law degree, remember?): While #CaseyAnthony lives ‘Bella Vita’…her “beautiful life”…a dead baby lies in the ground with no one to be held responsible….I believe in the jury system & accept verdict…but I can’t take smiles from #CaseyAnthony right now. She may be NG…but her baby is dead!

Vivica A. Fox: Fuck them all! 2 b proud that u got a killer off! Burn in hell!  Not tweeting anymore 2day! Disgusted by our legal system 2day!! A baby killer got off 2day!! I’m just done!! Now her legal team holds a press conference! Like they won a championship!!

Tasha Smith: Casey got off, Not Guilty!! Wow, is any one else shocked about this????

Bow Wow: Watching casey anthony walk out the courthouse…

JaMaal Buster: I would like to know what she is celebrating…let’s not forget your child is dead, and you don’t know who killed her…so you say…SMH!!

Marlon Wayans: Ok white people, we got OJ yall got casey anthony… We even? Wait not til she’s convicted 4 robbery 4 tryin to retrieve caylee baby clothes

Daniel “Boobie” Gibson: I have no issue with the not Guilty verdict. Evidence couldn’t prove it.. but a 3 yr old child is dead & something did happen…Now it’s time if they feel she didn’t do it. They find out what actually happened. #JustMyThoughts What y’all think?

Melyssa Ford, retweed by Ghostface Killah: I pray, when this heartless woman attempts to profit from her child’s murder, NO ONE supports the book/movie/Lifetime Story…

Royce Reed: She’s a pathological liar yes & found guilty of that BUT there were holes I guess… Her parents were emotionless. I’m done.

Gabrielle Union: SO much 2 say, but nada appropriate

Darren Sharper: It’s amazing to me that her actions after the baby was found dead aren’t weighed in on decision.How can plaxico get almost 2yrs. Now this!

La La Anthony: Speechless. Stunned

Malika Haqq: If Casey didn’t kill her baby girl she is guilty of not protecting her PERIOD #Godhelpher

Alesha Renee: I believe n karma Caylee will make sure justice is served 4 her murder. just thought. Like Nicole and Ron did for theirs. 1 way or another

Mia X: Well the baby is @ Peace I hope her death wasn’t painful n full of suffering Jose Baez is the new Go2 guy

Bun B: I keep seeing that there’s a difference between killing a wife and killing a baby. We are treading a very thin line America.

Marsha Ambrosius: Unbelievable!

Tika Sumpter: Wow, amazing..people can truly get away w murder in this country. Just hire a great lawyer. Amazing.  Stop having kids if u don’t want them, plz!

Kevin Hart: I’m punching anybody n the face name “Casey” or “Anthony” 2day…I can’t believe she got off, is this pay back 4 “OJ”? If so I understand

Cory Hardrict: Only in America people nothing new, but she can’t dodge judgement day…

D-Nice: Not guilty??? Oh, word?

Plies: U can hide dead body’s in dis world an get found Not Guilty. But Conspiracy can’t get u 30yrs just 4 hangin around a Nigga dat SOLD Dope..

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