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James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond had his day in Brooklyn federal court where he pleaded not guilty to witness tampering, obstruction of justice and intentionally conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine.

Jimmy was denied bail due to his flight risk and is currently being held at the Metropolitan Department Correctional (MDC) Facility in Brooklyn, New York. So ironic he’s being held there because that is where Dexter Issac is housed. Dexter Issac is the man who came forward saying Jimmy paid him to shoot Tupac back in ’94.

When Jimmy was taken into custody yesterday, DEA agents found five BlackBerries, an iPad, two false drivers licenses and a fake passport. They also found a plane ticket to the Bahamas leaving the United States on June 24th (which is this Friday).

According to a new criminal complaint that was unsealed yesterday, Rosemond was dealing drugs as recent as May 11th.

A confidential witness named Winston Harris allowed agents monitor the mogul’s e-mails and even wore a wire during one of their alleged drug deals.

One of the correspondences reportedly shows Rosemond setting up a deal to sell over a kilo of cocaine in Brooklyn, but he couldn’t execute the deal, because the car was not working.

Rosemond is accused of being the leader of a large-scale narcotics trafficking organization, that dealt hundreds of kilos of cocaine since at least 2008.

This dude!

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