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Ex PlayGirl magazine model and male fitness model turned transgender author Toni Newman called into the TT Torrez show to chit chat with TT about the hardships of transforming from a southern boy to a woman, his book I Rise and whether or not she slept with LL Cool J.

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On his book I Rise:

The book is about his 25-year journey from going from a southern North Carolina boy to a full fledge transgender in 2011. It took him 25 years to transform himself from a male to a female.

The book will be in stores on June 1st but you can get the e-book on Amazon.com.

On his background:

He was born in the south in Jacksonville, North Carolina. He realized at the age of 8 that something was different about him and he would be called a “sissy boy” by family members.

He said he had his first sexual experience with another male in high school.  He didn’t immediately come out because he was bought up as a Christian and his family wouldn’t have accepted that. He didn’t come out until he went off to college.

On his previous success:

He was an ex-play girl magazine model. He said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to transform and become transgendered because back then after doing research he found that many transgenders didn’t have a real job and was prostituting.

He decided to go against how he was feeling and started bodybuilding but he would still “drag” at night.

On transitioning into a woman:

7 years after he graduated from college he became a full-fledged drag queen. He “dragged” for 4 years. Then in 97-98 he began taking hormonal pills and getting “pumped” with silicone in his chest, face and buttocks. In 99-2000 he went full-fledged transgender (meaning going out in the daytime). He said he resembles a woman and doesn’t deny he was born a man.  At this point, he has not had his penis removed and doesn’t plan on it.

On having an encounter with a woman:

Toni said she tried to have sex with a female one drunken night but she “never got up.”

On “his fall from grace”:

Toni has a degree from Wake Forest University; she was the CEO of MPI Productions, and producer of male/female fitness calendars. She began accepting money from people to see her body (as a male body builder) and that’s the beginning stages leading her into prostitution.

On if he slept with LL Cool J:

Toni said she DID sleep with LL Cool J as a street prostitute one time. She said LL was one of hundreds during that time. She said there are so many other names but she doesn’t name them in his book. She said LL was a ONE time encounter.

Toni signed a contract with The National Enquirer and took a lie detector test to prove that she did have sex with LL. Later, The National Enquirer contacted Toni and said they were not going to run the story and she was released from his contract. She said she has taken another polygraph with another magazine with the same 9 questions.

On Eddie Murphy, DJ Mister Cee and rappers:

Toni said Eddie Murphy was caught with a transgendered prostitute. She said she’s never had an encounter with Eddie Murphy but she knows at least 5-10 transgenders who has been with him, some more then once.

Toni said DJ Mister Cee was caught two times previously before his latest arrest with a transgender. She said this is his 3rd arrest for picking up a transgendered prostitute. She said she has many encounters with Mister Cee on more then 10 occasions. No sex, just oral. She said he will treat you well financially and will give you an extra $20-$40 if he enjoyed it.

She admits to having sex with rappers as well and will take a polygraph test to prove it verses just going around saying she slept with this person and that person.

On the transgendered community dealing with downlow men:

Toni said she has always used condoms but a lot of these downlow men want it “raw and bare” and will pay that extra money to get it. Toni said these men get down and then go back to their girlfriends and wives.

Toni said that there are many trangenders who DON’T have a job, so how are these people surviving if no one is supporting them? You don’t see them in professional settings and in your Starbucks, so how are they surviving?

On why she hasn’t named any names in her book:

At the beginning she said she was going to name names but she got up to 38 names. Toni’s editor said she shouldn’t out anyone because it would get her into a world of trouble.

On celebs being bisexual:

Toni said there are many men on the downlow who are celebrities, politicians, etc. She said these men would not consider themselves bisexual or gay because “she” has breast. She said that they are blindsided by the glitz and glamour. She said if it’s happening and these transgenders have proof, then why should they have to keep quiet about it?

On if all the men she’s slept with knew she was born a man, including LL Cool J:

She said when she is naked she has male genitalia between her legs. Whether she tells them or not, it’s a little hard to hide so they know!