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Mama Jones keeps it real with TT Torrez dishing on how she felt about Chrissy proposing to her son Jim Jones, her drama with Chrissy on the show, Camron and Jimmy’s “beef” and more. Check it out:

On Chrissy proposing to Jim Jones:

She didn’t like that Chrissy kept it a secret that she was proposing to Jimmy. As a mother, she wanted to know ahead of time. It wasn’t the proposal, it was the way it went down. She also said she didn’t like how Olivia lied to her and tried to shove a drink down her throat.

On Love & Hip Hop:

She said she didn’t want to do the show at first because she didn’t think they would let her be herself. She said she didn’t want to have to follow a script.

On Camron and Jim Jones”beef”:

She said sometimes things have to be played out and no one is too old to get whipped by her. Lol

On females asking men to marry them:

She said she’s old fashion and she was brought up where a man is suppose to propose to a woman. She said as a lady, she would like to get proposed to.

On Jimmy and Chrissy having kids:

She would love for Chrissy and Jimmy to have grand-kids, she’s been asking them when they are going to have a baby. She said they would have a beautiful baby. She also mentioned Jim Jones is her only biological son.

On Jim Jones being raised in a Catholic Church:

She said he went to a Catholic school but was raised in a Pentecostal church. She said he needed that education.

On teaching him not to get caught up in street life:

She said he knows right from wrong and she taught him balance himself. She says she proud of the business man he has become.

On the guy she was dancing with at the club on the show:

She said when she sees VH1 she’s going to tell them about themselves. She didn’t like that they showed her dancing with a family friend instead of her husband. Her husband isn’t Jimmy’s father (Jimmy’s father passed) but he’s been a good father role for Jim Jones.

On her and Chrissy’s drama:

She said she doesn’t like the drama. She said she doesn’t have any animosity towards Chrissy. She said it was the way VH1 edited it and made them look like they hate each other. She said they can be in the same room and be drama-free.

On Chrissy dating alot of drug dealers in Harlem:

She said you need to speak to Chrissy about that. She’s not putting anyone’s business out.

On who’s her favorite on the show:

She said she loves Somaya but Olivia deserves to be slapped. Lol

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