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Shyne has some choice words for newcomers like Drake, had a thing or two to say about Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. Find out what he had to say after the jump…

On Drake:

“I think the Drake kid has serious potential to go down in the history of rap.  He’s not really a rapper, he is but he’s a musician, he makes great music.  I’m inspired by what he does.

On Rick Ross:

“I try to stay away from certain people, I’m really about truth so if you’re lying and not who you say you are, I really can’t have anything to do with you.  So most of the people I interact with are honest people. They are who they are…If you’re being honest and have integrity, I’m all for you.

I was talking to Fat Joe the other day and he said, “Yo, it’s entertainment.’  And I was like that’s the difference between me and a former correctional officer and any of these other rap dudes.  It’s not entertainment.

I’m the real larry Hoover, these rap dudes  is J. Edgar Hoover

He’s not no drug lord, he’s not no teflon don. You gone sell records based on people who really suffered, people that’s  really running those streets.  There are  dudes that are really running from the police because they moved hundreds and thousands of kilos.  The real people doing that aren’t doing it ’cause they want to but because its a means to feed their families.  So for you to be a dude on the other side of that locking those dudes in…To be making records about that is ridicilous.”

On Lil Wayne collabing with Rick Ross:

“I gotta talk to Wayne about that… As someone who waves that red flag, I would definitely have to talk to him about that.  That’s a Double-O  in Damu world… All the real gunners and O.G.’s are in disbelief of the pass that this dude gets so I would definitely express my feelings to Wayne that (working with Rick Ross) this is a Double -O banger.”

via Hip Hop Wired

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