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Dr. Dre sniffing a bag of weed

It’s funny that we came across this little ditty just mere minutes after catching the season finale of Showtime’s “Weeds” (so that’s Plan C, huh?).

Whereas Weeds’ protagonist, Nancy Botwin may have left that trick Mary Jane alone several seasons ago, you’ll all be happy to know that Dr. Dre is still sticking to what he knows best.

The Chronic.

Well, in the case of the official (?) lead single from the good doctor’s mythical Detox album, it’s “Kush.”

“Kush,” whose existence has been bubbling on the under-underground the last few days, features Akon and the weed connoisseur himself; Snoop Dogg.

After being extremely disappointed in Dre’s last attempt at a lead Detox single, the horrid “Under Pressure” with Jay-Z, our expectations for “Kush” were a little on the low end.

But after listening to the song, we were pleasantly surprised.

“Under Pressure” failed because it didn’t sound like a Dr. Dre record should in 2010.  It sounded like Dr. Dre making a track for Lady Gaga.  “Kush” sounds like what the man who made The Chronic 18 years ago should be making now.

Oh, we’re sorry.  Pardon our manners…

You wanna take a hit of this?

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