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Two men were arrested after they tried to use a fake credit card to purchase over $25,000 in champagne during Juelz Santana’s 27th birthday on Tuesday (February 23).

Juelz hosted a rowdy birthday bash at M2 Ultra Lounge, which included guests like Ashanti, Lil Kim and Snoop Dogg, who arrived with a 20-man entourage.

According to The New York Post, the two men, Robsson Depeine 23, and Jeff Sylvain, 24, reserved a table and showed up with five other friends.

The pair ordered 10 bottles of Moet Nectar Rose – which cost $400 per bottle – and even sent some over for Juelz Santana’s table to enjoy.

They were arrested when they attempted to settle the $28,500 bar tab with a fake American Express card, according to M2’s general manager Dan Devlin.

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The New York Post  has more details on what the men bought, because we all konw that 10 bottles of Moet at $400 a pop does not equal $28,500

Depeine and Sylvain ordered ten bottles of Moet Nectar Rose at $400 a pop, totaling $4,000, Devlin said. Depeine allegedly presented a valid ID and an AMEX card that initially checked out.

Later that night, the pair ordered thirty more bottles of Moet Nectar Rose, bringing the bill to $16,000, Devlin said.

In an effort to impress Juelz Santana and his entourage, the two Long Island men started sending some of the pricey bubbly over to the musician, who has collaborated with Chris Brown.

“They were certainly trying to impress them,” Devlin said.

Depeine then allegedly ordered a nine liter bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne for $3,500. Then he tried to order another nine liter bottle and a $5,500 twelve liter bottle.

“That’s when one of our managers became suspicious. The purchase was ridiculous and Sylvain introduced a second card with his ID and I knew that’s when there was a problem,” Devlin said.

According to a criminal court complaint, Sylvain’s New York State ID was an obvious forgery made out of flimsy material and different coloring. His American Express gift card was doctored using numbers associated with a genuine AMEX credit card.

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