Wyclef Jean

Looks like Pras and Wyclef Jean have let bygones be bygone and squashed their public beef. Their feud began when Wyclef ran for president in Haiti.

Wyclef says he was grazed by a bullet on his hand, Haitian police say they spoke with the doctor who treated Wyclef and according to the doctor, he was cut on the hand,

Haitian singer Wyclef Jean was shot in his hand in Haiti just outside of Port-au-Prince yesterday, the day before the presidential elections. Wyclef was a…

Wyclef Jean’s road to the Haitian presidency has been rocky, to say the least.

Minister Louis Farrakhan has some words of advice for Haitian Presidential candidate Wyclef Jean. In a sermon that was taped in February of this year, Farrakhan warns Jean about the company he keeps and running for president.

Wyclef Jean has officially stepped down as the head of his non-profit organization Yéle Haiti, as he prepares to run for President of Haiti.

Wyclef Jean took three young Haitian amputees to $1,000 shopping sprees at Kmart after flying them to the United States to receive critical medical care.

Prestigious Ivy League school, Harvard University has named Wyclef Jean their artist of the year.

Wyclef’s personal assistant, Zakiya Khatou-Chevassus received a salary of $105,000 a year according to Yelé Haiti’s 2008 tax refund.

I remember hearing “If I Was President” for the first time during Dave Chappelle’s Block Party where Wyclef sang an early version of it for a group of kids.

Celebs came out for the Hope Help & Relief Haiti “A Night Of Humanity” event at Urban Zen in New York City.

If you missed last night’s <strong>“Hope For Haiti”</strong> telethon, your television must have been turned off as it was on every channel. Check out some of the performance highlights from the telethon below!