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“Stop. Drop. Shut em down open up shop. Oh. No. That’s how Ruff Ryders roll…” According to TMZ, a Ruff Ryders reunion is in the works. DMX himself has said “We are all family and we’re going to come back stronger than when we left … It’s going to take the nation by storm.” Swizz […]

Basketball games began yesterday after folks weren’t sure there would even be a season! Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz took son, Eygpt, to his first…

Basketball games began yesterday after folks weren’t sure there would even be a season! Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz took son, Eygpt, to his first Knick game. Swizz wore a Knicks hat while baby Egypt wore the classic blue and orange colors! Alicia Keys Talks About Her DJ Skills [VIDEO] World AIDS Day: Alicia Keys […]

Swizz Beatz teamed up with the “Get Schooled Foundation” to promote attendance in schools! The super-producer will lend his hand to the “wake-up” program which is when a student receives a recorded phone message from his or her favorite celeb reminding them to “wake-up.” Trey Songz Shines at St. Lucia Jazz Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, […]

Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz worked the red carpet recently, and it looked like he subconsciously revealed that she is pregnant by pointing out a baby bump. While at the 8th Annual Keep A Child Alive Black Ball in New York City, Swizz held her belly in a way that expectant fathers usually […]

Here go Swizz Beatz once again for the tenth time trying to bring DMX back. After last nights BET Hip Hop Awards performance, Funk Master Flex dropped a few bombs on this new freestyle “It’s Over, The Dog is Back” from X. Swizz hypes the dog up and shouts Ruff Ryder members out on the […]

Everybody can agree that music is a universal language. Many American musicians make note of the fact foreign audiences don’t understand what they’re saying when they are speaking, but the audience sings every word to their songs. Well, what happens when an audience speaks a musician’s native tongue fluently and they still don’t understand what […]

The conversation about Swizz Beatz sexting Christina Elizabeth has calmed down, and it seems like all is great between Alicia Keys and Swizzy. The couple worked the red carpet at the New York Screening of “Five,” and if Alicia is tight about her husband’s sexting scandal, she’s not showing it at all. Check out Alicia […]

Christina Elizabeth is singer/songwriter looking for a break and Swizz Beatz is a successful producer, so it’s not a stretch to think she got with him to boost her career. Hear how Christina responds to this speculation in the video, and hear her song “They’ll Always Be Another” in the audio player below. We want […]

VIA: TheBoxHouston.com A good jumpoff knows how to keep her mouth shut, but Christina Elizabeth has been talking openly about sexting with Alicia Keys‘ husband Swizz Beatz. Find out why she came clean about her relationship instead of denying it like she did to Swizzy’s ex-wife Mashonda. Check out this exclusive interview from our sister […]

Christina Elizabeth is the woman who helped break up Swizz Beatz‘s marriage to Mashonda, and her sexting scandal may also end his marriage to Alicia Keys.¬†How did Christina lose her cell phone that contained the sexy messages from Swizzy? Has she heard from him since the scandal broke? And what did Mashonda say when she […]

So rumors have been swirling of Swizz Beatz allegedly cheating on his wife Alicia Keys recently based on some leaked Blackberry Messenger messages. Well Swizz, in so many words, denied the fact he was sexting this chic…or did he?