I would say “Nigga stay outta trouble” But i’ve been in this guy’s shoes before. He just has to stay outta the way until this storm passes.. But blessings to him. Offset was arrested last night on charges of marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license, reports TMZ. The Migo was pulled over late Wednesday […]

Paris Nicole and I were just askin where O.J. The Juice Man is ? Welp. Here you go

Auntie Fee is my favorite chef. And it’s more because of the sh*t she says in between the recipe. Check it out.

This week i’ve been questioning my moves a lot. I’ve felt like i’m all over the place. Too many irons in the fire, for lack of better words. So I was having a conversation with a friend; and they agreed that I need to focus on less, and and give more energy to what works […]

 When I spaz the f*ck out. I automatically question my own character. So I refer back to the books that I have grown up reading, the books that make the most sense to me, as I grow in this world. This one applies directly to the type of week I had. I had some moments… […]

V.C.U. is looking for local Pot Heads to participate in a study on Marijuana use.

I like this cat. His energy is genuine !! Good conversation about the come up, food, life in general. Check it out.

Tonight at the Juke Joint we’re featuring Blues artist Muddy Waters. His sound personifies the original Bad Ass Black Man. My favorite songs are Champagne and Reefer, Hoochie Coochie Man, And Mannish boy. He did some things with the guitar that opened the door for Rock N Roll and much more. His sound has the […]

SOOOO Let’s be real… Who really knows the truth about Christopher Columbus? Check out today’s show for some fun facts you may not have known. Here’s a documentary I found very interesting about this land we live on before European influence.

So I got a special lady in my life…. She’s “Bat Sh*t Crazy” Don’t believe me ? Check this out. Then pray for me please….

If there is any album that would be the soundtrack to my childhood. That would be Outkast’s “Aquemni”. From Return Of The “G” down to liberation. The album turns 17 years old today. The 1998 follow-up to ATLiens was recorded in Atlanta. So If your kid is just learning to drive. Outkast probably sounds like […]