Each and every year hip-hop can count on one of the more potent MC’s to deliver whenever his number is called.   The artist…

Skillz is putting the exclamation point on his recording career and his last album (“Thoughts Become Things” available for download here) with the much anticipated…

After sixteen years of outing rappers for their ghostwritten rhymes and encapsulating the year in his ingenius “Rap-Ups” V.A. MC Skillz is dropping his final…

One of the best New Year’s traditions in hip-hop continues as Skillz drops the rap-up of 2011. Everything from Schwarzenegger bangin his maid and Lil Wayne’s jeggings to Kardashian’s wedding and Occupy Wall Street get included in the recap. (props to Nahright) http://hulkshare.com/embed_mp3.php?id=5401839&type=4 Available on iTunes. RELATED POSTS: Tupac Dedicated “Keep Your Head Up” To […]

Skillz presents: Hip-Hop Confessions ep. 9 — Ladies First from Visually Inklined on Vimeo. In his next episode of “True Hip-Hop Confessions” Skillz gets MC Lyte and Salt & Pepa to spill their guts on some back-in-the-day hip-hop trivia. MC Lyte confesses that the Porsche she sported on her album over was not hers, and […]

Lately the year doesn’t seem officially over until Skillz’ yearly “Rap-Up” properly summarizes the previous 365 days of foolishness. In this clip he explains how the first Rap-Up in 2002 came about and why it became so successful. “The reason that it was so popular is that they were feeling the same way I was […]

Skillz is on everyone’s mind now that we’ve hit 2011 and reminisced on 2010 via his yearly “Rap Up” song.

At long last Skillz makes good on dropping his annual “Rap-Up” for 2010. In true form he covers everything from the Earthquake in Haiti and Wiki Leaks to the infamous Kat Stacks and Antoine Dodson. The beat is a little more laid back than his past Rap-ups but it allows you to really absorb what […]

This is the intro to Skillz' new album, <em>The World Needs More Skillz</em>, in stores & online October 26.

Skillz shows how you really suppose to rep for Hip Hop in his take on the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher.