If you missed Flow of Wisdom Radio yesterday, check out the statement read on the show about the name change of “The Hip Hop Motivator.” You can check it out on FlowofWisdom.com

Wilbur Allen returns to Flow of Wisdom Radio to discuss recent UFO activity that has been taking place.  He also sent me some links to share. Click here

An Alpha Man shared a great quote with me today. “Great is the man who creates his own path, rather than the man who walks the path of someone else.” Create your own lane in life. Don’t be someone else or do what they do. Just be the best YOU you can be. @Sean_Anthony – […]

Did you know that an eagle will use a storm as a benefit? They use the wind to elevate them higher to fly above the storm. Whatever storm you may be going through, (read more)

Don’t waste your time with idle chatter. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

“Sometimes having your own way may not be in the best interest of the bigger picture. Therefore humility is the way to go.” – @Sean_Anthony

This is a clip from Flow of Wisdom Radio with my guest Anthony J Hilder. He says that, “President Bush Jr and President Obama are the same” and “Obama is Bush with man tan.” Check it out for yourself here

I have found that preparation is a key to success no matter what your goal is.. Whether its loosing weight, climbing a mountain, going fishing, whatever…. Like Tyrese Gibson told me, If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready. “Live Life, Get Wisdom & Let it Flow” – @Sean_Anthony FlowofWisdom.com

My guest, Pastor Lindsey Williams joined me on Flow of Wisdom Radio for an informative discussion of certain events that will take place this year. Lindsey gets inside information from the elite people who run this world. A few key points he mentioned during the show is that – “they want to create massive debt […]

Don’t allow complacency to cripple your progress of acheiving success. Remember, time waits for no one so don’t you wait on things to come to you.  Make progress in the direction you want to go and your dreams will attract itself to you.   Live Life, Get Wisdom & Let it Flow!  – @Sean_Anthony

Anthony Hilder is back on Flow of Wisdom Radio for a second time and still does not hold any punches. The controversial yet informative guest joins me for a discussion on the Nation Defense Authorization Act, Chemtrails, Smart Meters, the Presidential Election and more. Click here!

On this clip of Flow of Wisdom Radio, “Big Brother is Watching”, we discuss how much privacy we have on the Internet and on our phones. – Follow me on Twitter @Sean_Anthony