The saying goes, rappers want to ball, athletes want to rap, but unfortunately the abilities from the hardwood didn’t carry over to the booth for many…

If the chronicles of Solange Knowles (aka the elevator Larry Davis) have taught us anything, it’s that you don’t court the crazy. And any man…

News One

It looks like Metta World Peace is looking for a distraction (or exit strategy) from this awful season with his Los Angles Lakers. According to…

So Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace took to his Twitter account in defense for his wife (WIFE? thought they said they had been divorced since 2009) saying she did NOT post those Facebook status’ and that she actually loves Shaunie O’Neal.

So here we are with another celeb changing their name to something…ridiculous.

Lakers forward Ron Artest has recorded a tribute song called “Afghan Women” to shed light on the atrocities suffered by women in Afghanistan. The video is filled with graphic images of physical abuses and interviews with women who have been beaten and burned. Ron Ron really has a good heart, but I’ve already made it […]

Ron Artest ran afoul of the law yesterday while driving an Eagle Roadster on the streets of Los Angeles.

It's a Winning Weekend full of prizes and new music. Remember Ron Artest said he had a single coming out...Well here it is!

Listen to Ron Artest's crazy post game comments from last night's victory.