Picture Source EndTheLie.com My guest Madison Ruppert, independent journalist and researcher from EndTheLie.com, joins me in a discussion on how “Big Brother” is monitoring the American people. Some of the things discussed on FOW Radio is how google retains everything you search and facebook saves everything you post. We also discussed Homeland Security, Technology, face […]

Today was an informative, eye opening and controversial show. Despite the fact that my show topic was Chemtrails, my guest Anthony Hilder made some very bold remarks on Flow of Wisdom Radio in regards to The Obama Administration, the Government, the Federal Reserve, encouraging people not to take flu shots and more. (Read more)

We pick up right where we left off from my previous show. This time we get into the Roman Catholic Church, Occult Holidays, the Anti-Christ, FEMA Camps and more. Doc said, “he will not step foot into a church that still celebrates Christmas, Easter and other occult holidays.” Read More Follow me on Twitter: @Sean_Anthony

My guest Leonard Ulrich, producer and director of a recently released documentary, “NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1,” called into “Flow of Wisdom Radio” to discuss the information given in his film. The conversation initiated a very interesting dialogue amongst not only myself, but my loyal FOWR callers. Read more

This morning on Flow of Wisdom Radio, an in depth conversation took place about the Illuminati and how it pertains to the New World Order. The podcast will be posted later. But you should watch the documentary my guest Leonard Ulrich produced and directed, click here. It would give insight into some of the things […]