After Mo’Nique put Tyler Perry on blast for talking about her behind her back, he reached out to her. On Saturday night, Mo’Nique shared that  Tyler Perry called after listening to her podcast and that the beef has been settled.

The cast of 'Almost Christmas' reflects on Aunt May's wigs.

What goes on in someone else's bedroom is, frankly, none of our business.


A tribute to all the actors and actresses who have brought legends back to life through films.

The new film boasts an all-star cast, portraying the struggle that is spending the holidays with your crazy family

Mo’Nique  admits that the open marriage was her idea because she enjoys having sex with other men! Check out the video courtesy of The Shade Room below: Related Links: Why Not? Mo’Nique Says Her Husband Can Have Hall Passes To Cheat [POLL]

So, it seems like Toya Wright is not the only one handing out cheating passes to men. According to True Exclusives actress Mo’Nique is also open to sharing her man with others. “Often times people cheat because of something they’re not getting. But when you have open and honest dialogue and you say, ‘We’re just human […]

When the HBO biopic based on Bessie Smith’s life airs Saturday, viewers may very well choose to focus on the dynamic of the relationship between…

Mo’Nique Pulls Out Receipts On Lee Daniels We have to admit it, when Mo’Nique said she was initially offered the role of Cookie on Empire,…

Mo’nique recently sat down with “Sway In The Morning” with actual receipts, printed out emails between her and a rep for Lee Daniels, asking her to screen test for Cookie. “Feb. 18, 2014; Lee Daniels had a conversation with Mo’Nique about his new television pilot for Imagine Tv/Fox called “Empire”, said Sway reading an email. […]