Juicy is unbothered by her haters on and off "Little Women: Atlanta."

Juicy and brand new "Little Women: Atlanta" cast member Tanya chatted with the morning show!

It's no secret that Rickey Smiley has a passionate love for the "Little Women: Atlanta" cast.

Just after Gary's Tea, Juicy shared some incredible news about "Little Women: Atlanta."

Last year, Soulja Boy was asked in an interview to detail exactly what went down when he shot some guys intruding into his home in 2008- again. His ’08 explanation is much farther from the story he has been telling nowadays, but his latest retelling follows a similar path. When this interview hit the web, […]

During a live broadcast, Rickey Smiley brought out his good friends the Salinas Twins from “Little Women: Atlanta“ to twerk and turn up with him onstage. When they came out, they wasted no time putting it down, and the audience went wild! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Nobody was more excited, though, than Rickey was. […]

When it’s one of Juicy‘s “Hollywood Wednesdays,” she refuses to get too agitated or turn up too much because of Little Women: Atlanta filming later on in the day and she needs to preserve her energy. Well, on one of those Wednesdays, Beyonce was instigating and trying to get Juicy to pop off. She told […]


Juicy gave a little verbal sneak-peak of tonight’s episode of “Little Women: Atlanta” with Headkrack & Beyonce. She also laid down the law about why people people shouldn’t be quick to believe what her arch-nemesis Minnie says about her on social media.  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, she reveals that she’s above retaliation against […]