According to TMZ, Carmelo and Lala aren’t getting backj together, but they also aren’t planning to get a divorce anytime soon either. Sources claim they are notpressed to file papers because they are “happy” with the current arrangement and their main focus is raising 10-year-old Kiyan.  “Divorce isn’t on the horizon”.

Page Six claims La La has called upLaura Wasser, famous for repping Angelina Jolie and other celebs with their divorces: “They met, but nothing will likely happen until the end of summer,” said a source. “Carmelo is still in denial and thinks he can fix his marriage.” Sources claim that Lala has met with a […]

TMZ reveals that Melo is blowing Lala’s phone UP with apologies, vows that he’s still madly in love with her, vacation offers and just about anything to get her to take him back. Melo has even gone to instagram where he’s been “liking” the hell out of all her pics to display public  affection

La La hit up Sapphire New York on Friday night to shoot footage for her new TV show, according to TMZ. According to TMZ, La La is a producer on a docu-series called “Goal Diggers” — about women in risque industries (strippers and video girls) who break out and become mainstream businesswomen. One of the […]

According to TMZ, the couple has to come to terms with the $200 million fortune that they’ve amassed during their marriage. Carmelo was obviously the breadwinner despite the fact that Lala continued to act, model and produce during their marriage.  There IS a prenup in place. However, since Carmelo is at fault for cheating on […]

Via E!online:  E! News caught up with Lala:“No I’m not pregnant,” she revealed. “I’ve been hearing that a lot lately but not I’m not.” She then pointed to her stomach and asked “Where? I’m not, I’m not.” Since a lot of her close friends have baby fever right now, does she? “No it doesn’t make […]

Lala Anthony recently did a topless scene on the hit show, “Power,” but will it have a negative affect on her marriage to baller Carmelo Anthony?…

LaLa has signed on to play the role of Delina Michaels on A&E’s “Unforgettable.” According to Deadline, her character is an up-and-coming medical examiner unlucky in love, who “becomes indispensable at the Major Crimes lab of the NYPD, as well as romantically challenged in her new job.” Congrats to LaLa! LaLa will also appear on […]

Lala knows the importance of finding a silhouette that works for you and sticking with it. If there’s one style that reigns for Spring and…

In this week’s Wardrobe Wars, we spotlight Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and actress/tv personality Lala Anthony. Both women embrace their curves with sexy bodycons, leg…