Just Blaze and Swizz Beats engaged in a hip-hop battle of epic proportions.

Swizz Beats and Just Blaze, two of hip-hop's greatest producers, shut everything down.

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  Shad Moss, otherwise known as Bow Wow, has been getting a lot of flack for his string of tweets in which he claimed he couldn’t relate to the importance of the Black vote because of his mixed heritage. His rationale is bizarre at best and has angered many of his fans who questioned why he would feel the need […]

News One

  Hip-Hop superproducer Just Blaze took to Periscope to record himself being racially profiled by the police on Thursday. He started off by tweeting about the incident following a live-stream of the incident on periscope. https://twitter.com/JustBlaze/status/751149158887727104 https://twitter.com/JustBlaze/status/751156188130213888 The producer says in the video, “The first thing out of his [the officer’s] mouth was ‘Is your car legit?’ […]

#FightBall has taken NYC by storm. The physically taxing eight-minute sets are simply one-on-one basketball games with very relaxed foul rules. The less rules, the more excitement. And one of the key aspects of FightBall is the soundtrack, which helps keep the crowd on their feet, and the two competitors hungry. You can thank Just Blaze for […]

Those who tuned in enjoyed a new version of Hov's "Early This Morning" and more.

With Christmas season upon us, Just Blaze found himself in a giving mood.

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I met Just Blaze a couple of years ago & he was really coo. Blaze is one of my favorite producers & he recently did some work for The BGR Show. Watch & learn a great producer work his magic.