LL Cool recently asked his fans if he should do a biopic. Fasho he should! Mack Wilds responded by letting it be known he’s ready to play LL Cool if he goes through with the biopic. I feel Mack Wilds would do a great job if he got the chance to play the role of […]

It’s NBA All Star Weekend 2020 in Chicago.  Chicago hasn’t hosted the Weekend since 1988 when Michael Jordan represented the city in the Dunk Contest (defeated Dominique Wilkins in controversy) and also MJ23 earned NBA All Star Game MVP. This year the Slam Dunk contest also ended in controversy. In my opinion, it was one […]

T.I. and Floyd Mayweather actually have a petty beef that has origins in 2014, when T.I. felt that Floyd Mayweather was a little too up-close-and-personal with his wife, Tiny. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! This seemingly-dormant beef has been reunited thanks to social media, but regardless of what goes on with that, T.I.’s part in […]

Trapavelli 3 drops August 13.       #SuperHood Bonus CurrensyxSlegdren Revolver Trailer

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  Man! Don’t come for Rihanna unless she calls for you! Anyone on social media should know by now that if you hit Rihanna she…