The 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend is in full swing.  Check out highlights from the Celebrity Game, Jordan Rising Stars Game, and more that took place on February 17, 2023.     2023 All-Star Saturday Night Preview!  

Jalen Hurts & Patrick Mahomes are making history tonight as the First Black QBs to “Square Off” in the NFL’s Big Game. Here’s a look into the history of Black Quarterback who’ve won in the Big Game. Click Here! to Subscribe to S.W.I.R.V. TV

Chiefs vs Eagles … Who Will Win The Big Game This Sunday?! Click HERE! & Subscribe to S.W.I.R.V. TV

Headkrack introduced a new game, "Gimme 5" that should be way easier than it is.

Gucci Mane chats with the morning show cast about his new album, “East Atlanta Santa.” He talks about how he churned out three albums in one year, especially after he spent part of this year in prison. He opens up about the food he missed while he was in jail, and what he wants for […]

During his show Wednesday night at The Catalyst in California, the Chiraq emcee took shots at a bunch of new rappers in a passionate rant.

The morning show had a special guest in the studio, who’s name is Cody White. Cody and his family are in town for a button collector’s conference. As Special K puts it, they might be the whitest family we’ve ever seen! Cody, who’s never heard the morning show, agreed to join Special K to play […]