FX is currently working on a Docuseries about Tupac and his mother Afeni Shakur.

FX wants to tackle the lives of Tupac and Afeni Shakur.

We can officially look forward to more amazing work from actor, Donald Glover.

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The letter reflected on how President Obama’s daughters have gracefully come into their own over the past eight years and it provided advice on how to adjust to life after living in the White House.

Donald Glover's rise from token friend to primetime titan is about more than ratings.

Just four episodes in and Donald Glover‘s FX show Atlanta has become everyone’s go-to show on Tuesday nights. The show chronicles Glover’s character, Earn, who goes through the peaks and valleys of being his cousin’s newfound manager. Aside from trying to get his cousin’s music too pop, Glover’s also been putting us onto a bunch of […]

Even after spending the majority of this year touring his two-time Grammy nominated album, Because The Internet, Donald Glover isn’t resting just yet.      According to…

Imagine if “Archer” was an ex-con turned rapper instead of a spy. And he was gay (out in the open anyway). The suits at FX…