Doc Marquis joins me again for another controversial show. The topic is Fallen Angels and Aliens. During the discussion he mentions that those mysterious crop circles are merely demonic symbols to conjure up demons. He also states that there has been a significant amount of DNA cross-breeding between humans and other species. At one point […]

One of the best things about Flow of Wisdom Radio is the callers. Here is the final 15 minutes of Doc Marquis on my show answering your questions. Check it out

Doc Marquis returns to Flow of Wisdom Radio for another jammed pack show. Doc, who is a former member of the Illuminati and Master Witch. He turned his life around as a born again Christian and has spent the last 30 years of exposing the agenda of the Illuminati. (Read more)

Here is another clip of my interview with Doc Marquis. This will give you an understanding of how the illuminati uses numbers and gematria pertaining to certain dates and occult holidays. Click Here Please subscribe to

This is a clip of a two part interview I did with former Illuminatist, Doc Marquis discussing the 7 part plan of the Illuminati. You can hear the full interview here Follow me on Twitter @Sean_Anthony Subscribe to my

This is a clip of my interview with former Illuminati member, Doc Marquis. A caller asked, is it true that celebrities need to sacrifice a family member or someone close to them in order to be in the Illuminati. To hear Doc’s, response Click Here

We pick up right where we left off from my previous show. This time we get into the Roman Catholic Church, Occult Holidays, the Anti-Christ, FEMA Camps and more. Doc said, “he will not step foot into a church that still celebrates Christmas, Easter and other occult holidays.” Read More Follow me on Twitter: @Sean_Anthony

It seems as if I keep pushing Flow of Wisdom Radio more and more. As one caller said on a previous show, “some people push the envelope, but Sean Anthony you lick the stamp and send it off.” This show by far has received the biggest response. My guest, Doc Marquis, who is an ex-Illuminati […]

Do You Want to Know the Truth About the Illuminati? Doc Marquis is my guest this week on Flow of Wisdom Radio. He is a former member of the Illuminati and obtained the ranking of a Master Witch. For 20 years Doc was trained in this occult and found himself in a situation that he […]