A Georgia teen will have his right leg amputated on Wednesday after a teacher allegedly body-slammed him to the floor three times, causing nerve damage.

According to police, one of the officers fired several rounds into an alley, striking Tyree King. King was transported to Nationwide Children's Hospital and listed in critical condition, but did not survive.

Rickey Smiley talks about the casts’ amazing experience at karaoke in Columbus, Ohio! He discusses the generous contributions he received for The Rickey Smiley Foundation from fans,…

The reality of frivolous lawsuits is that they rarely yield the desired results of the plaintiff, and a judge in Ohio found a clever way to dismiss one such case last week. Franklin County Judge David E. Cain wrote a legally-themed poem to dismiss a $2 million lawsuit filed by inmate Darek Lathan, who soiled his […]

SOOOO Let’s be real… Who really knows the truth about Christopher Columbus? Check out today’s show for some fun facts you may not have known. https://soundcloud.com/cam-coopers-super-hood/columbus-day-in-the-superhoodthe-weeknd-feat-nicki-minaj-hills-remix Here’s a documentary I found very interesting about this land we live on before European influence.