Witness accounts say Ciara was driving a white Mercedes SUV and was making a left turn

Rock-T tells a story about what happened when a dwarf got into a fender-bender.

Rickey Smiley was running a little bit behind schedule one day because of a mishap with his car.

Black Tony called up Rickey Smiley stressed out yet again, but this time, it's because of his car.

Earlier this fall, when The Rickey Smiley Morning Show was on tour, The Rickey Smiley Foundation gifted a young woman with a car so she could get back and forth to work with ease. Rickey Smiley recently caught up with Fredericka, the recipient of the car, to see how she’s doing,. Sign Up For Our […]

Black Tony called up excited about having just succeeded in his latest come up, which he came across by chance on an outing to the store. But after he explains everything to Rickey Smiley, it becomes pretty clear that such a win was too good to be true. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Click on […]

The Rickey Smiley Foundation loves to surprise hardworking people who are going through it with blessings. A woman named Fredricka sent a letter in to the Rickey Smiley Foundation with her testimony. Dr. Derrick Hill explained that there was something about the way she endured through her trials that inspired him. When she came onstage […]

Smart technology is quickly taking over our world, from our televisions to smartphones, giving hackers the upper hand. Experts even predict that in the future, our homes will completely run on smart technology. In the meantime, its not only taking over our smaller, more portable gadgets, but also the bigger ones, too. Sign Up For […]

Black Tony calls into “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” after his car battery dies on the highway! He asks Rickey Smiley to help him out by sending one of the cast members to give him a jump. There’s also one more little thing he needs Rickey’s help with. Click on the audio player to hear […]

Kris Jenner can finesse her way out of any situation – except this one.