A new song with Max B. affiliate Bigga Threat firing shots at Joe Budden has surfaced after Joe Budden referenced Max B at the BET Hip Hop Awards freestyle cypher. “Envy Me” produced by Kimbo Hareez ft. Carolina fire spitter Caktuz (from Caktuz’s forthcoming album How 2 Dress Well 4 Suicide). Though Cak..?13 was unreachable […]

Once again Caktuz pulls no punches with the phonetically titled “Kottdayumn!!”. This fan favorite from his recent 2011 UK tour has only been performed live before now. Originally written as a demo for an ill fated 9th Wonder collaboration (the beat is a chopped loop from Little Brothers “Home”), Caktuz drops this gritty black & […]

Currently on tour in the Uk for his Today The World Tour, Caktuz caused a stir when recently asked “what do you think of Pippa Middleton’s (the new Princess of England’s sister) arse?” Ever since Pippa Middleton was shown holding sister Kate’s train at the Royal Wedding last month, her butt has nearly eclipsed the […]

North Carolina rapper  Caktuz drops his new long video Still N The Hood: A Short Massacre with indie singer TreZure Empire. The gritty video was shot on location in New York and North Carolina, and includes a violently-disturbing montage of footage from a long lost race riot known as the “Greensboro Masacre.” The Greensboro massacre […]

North Carolina rapper Caktuz is set to headline the Sound City Rock Festival’s hip hop stage, Strictly Hip Hop, this May 20th beside 2006 MOBO Award Winner Akala (Best Hip-Hop Artist). Sound City is one of Liverpool, England’s biggest events this summer. Show organizers promise a night of high energy & live music. Caktuz will […]

Written & produced by Caktuz, this dark track is reminiscent of a lost Mackaveli song. Touching on a very profound subject, such as damnation, Caktuz ‘sing-songs’ his way through religious analogies and overtones, for this weeks #OverTheWallWeds. installment. “This kinda music reminds me of how we grew up in The Point” says Caktuz recalling his […]

Caktuz pours his syrupy country flow over this King Tubby dub classic for his new #OverTheWallWeds. free artist-approved weekly download “The Ski Masq Way Suite”. Forever the deep thinker, Cak..13, touches on the psychological chains of slavery that bind today’s urban generation. “Because these chains are so strong on us” Caktuz begins; “I want to […]

While preparing for their summer tour Caktuz & Gia shot this episode of Crazy Al Cane’s “Spittin In The Whip” for CAC-TV. Watch how Caktuz ducks Crazy Al’s questions about his involvement in the now infamous Monkey Gang. LATEST VIDEO FROM CAKTUZ+GIA

Caktuz borrows Carolina brethren J Cole’s beat to “In The Morning” ft Drake for another of his ‘#OverTheWallWeds.’ weekly free downloads. Taking the song into another direction, Caktuz unravels a story of bittersweet heartbreak, while flipping Coles hook to; “Can I still hit it in the mornin'” A very emotionally driven track, it makes you […]

US artist, Caktuz, and emerging UK female rapper, Gia, drop a quick video to their free download “Dose It” released just last week. [see article] The video premiered over the weekend in Gia’s hometown Liverpool, England, with a crowded turn out of Liverpools whose-who in the music & entertainment industry. The event was streamed live […]

Caktuz, as promised in a recent Urban Daily post, committed himself to dropping free downloads every Wednesday. So far, so good. The 1st banger features M1 of Dead Prez, Bjork, & the legendary Melvin Van Peebles over Rick Ross’ “Hustlin'” instrumental. The 2nd showcases BET Uncut legend The Mighty Casey dropping his one-of-a-kind awkward flow […]

There have been quite a few notable male/female duos in hip hop, but none quite as unique as Caktuz & Gia (bka Nikki Blaze). Set to embark on their second UK tour this summer, this male/female tag team drop a free download as part of Caktuz’s #OverTheWallWeds. campaign Feb. 16th. This international ‘unoffical’ group packs […]