A documentary about Sharon Jones is up for Image Awards. It chronicles her cancer battle and pursuit of a music career.

Tonight at the Juke Joint we’re featuring Blues artist Muddy Waters. His sound personifies the original Bad Ass Black Man. My favorite songs are Champagne and Reefer, Hoochie Coochie Man, And Mannish boy. He did some things with the guitar that opened the door for Rock N Roll and much more. His sound has the […]

Bassist and vocalist Kevin Jenkins brings Rock & Roll back to its roots, where it once lived with Blues and Soul on the back porches…

HBO's Lucinda Martinez talks about Solange and Janelle Monae's surprise music tour and why we're celebrating Bessie Smith's work today.

Tomás Doncker, internationally acclaimed guitarist, has collaborated with Pulitzer prized winning poet, Yusef Komanyakaa, to produce “Big Apple Blues,” a funky, bluesy portrayal of New…

Fans of legendary blues artist B.B. King were less than thrilled with his performance in St. Louis this past weekend. The show is said to…

Drake announces Carter 5 release date and brings out Lil Wayne for NBA All Star Weekened performance at House Of Blues In New Orleans

Courtesy of: Photo: Getty Images President Barack Obama has proven time and time again that he’s got soul, but this week, he opened his mouth one more time to salute his hometown of Chicago at the White House Jazz concert filled all kinds of blues, jazz & musical standards fit for our nation’s leader. […]

juke (of West African origin, akin to Wolof dzug, to live wickedly) – a roadside drinking establishment that offers cheap drinks, food and music for dancing, often blues music.