Beyonce Knowles

Franchesca Leigh Ramsey, a 27-year-old freelance graphic designer, is among the many viral sensations to have parodied Beyonce’s latest video “Countdown.” In perhaps the most socially poignant of the parodies, Ramsey’s “Student Loan Countdown,” highlights the trouble many U.S. college students have paying back their college loans. In the parody, Ramsey sings: “Oh, should I stand […]

It’s no secret that Beyonce Knowles is obsessed with ‘4’.  So why waste the perfect opportunity to stamp the number on her fourth solo album?  I must admit, “4” definitely exceeds my expectations.  As a whole, the album is pretty cohesive; the songs evoke images of a lovesick Beyonce riding the ups and downs of […]

You had to know this was coming…After drifting apart in the last few months both personally and professionally due to her parents divorce and Mathew fathering a child, I’m hearing that Mathew will no longer manage Beyonce’s career.