Barack Obama

Here’s proof that hip-hop is still America’s most potent and controversial pop form: Barack Obama — a leader some have dubbed the hip-hop president — has yet to have a rapper perform in the East Room.

Via: // From ATLANTA — One group is taking freedom of speech and freedom of expression to the limits in a series of Metro Atlanta highway billboards voicing strong opinions against President Barack Obama. The billboards are the latest move to sway public opinion — and for a price you can have your […]

Damian Marley and Nas were interviewed by Okayplayer right before health care passed. In this video Damian Marley goes into how he and Nas started working together and Nas criticized Republicans for opposing health care calling their opposition “not human” and said he loved the President. Damian Marley also talked about what it meant for […]

President Obama signed sweeping health care reform legislation into law at the White House on Tuesday.

Now that Congress has passed a health care overhaul, President Barack Obama is expected to sign it quickly, then get back on the road to talk about it some more.

Al Sharpton speaks out in support of President Obama's initiatives for all Americans, while other prominent black figures challenge the President. Read clips from The Wall Street Journal's article labeling Mr. Sharpton as Obama's New Partner.

Hip-hop’s first couple, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, finally made it to the White House … only for a visit that is.

President Barack Obama will be the commencement speaker at Hampton University in May, the university announced Thursday.

At 26 years old, Joshua Dubois has found himself very close to the President.