Black women face a 40% increased risk of mortality from breast cancer despite having a 4% lower incidence rate of breast cancer compared to white women. Some types of cancer, such as triple-negative breast cancer — an aggressive form of the disease — is  more prevalent among Black women and tends to be harder to treat. This can contribute to poorer outcomes compared to other racial and ethnic groups. The post New Study To Evaluate Why Black Women Face Higher Mortality Rates From Cancer appeared first on NewsOne.

A recent study released by the UNCF (United Negro College Fund) suggests that Black parents want to see more Black teachers in education.  The post Black Students Fare Better In Schools With More Black Teachers, Parents Say In New Study appeared first on NewsOne.

Bernard Polite, the man who tried to shoot a paster, has been charged with homicide after police found the body of his cousin. The post Man Shown On Video Trying To Shoot Pastor In Church Is Charged With Murdering Cousin appeared first on NewsOne.

On Wednesday, House Haiti Caucus Co-Chairs will host a press conference on Capitol Hill addressing the growing crises in Haiti. The post The Future Of Haiti: House Democrats Call For Urgent Action On Island Nation’s Crises appeared first on NewsOne.

Louisiana lawmakers are still fighting hard to keep the state’s second majority-Black House district from ever seeing the light of day. The post Uncertainty Looms After Judge Rejects Louisiana’s New Majority-Black Voting District appeared first on NewsOne.

A viral video shows a Karen at McDonald's in a confrontation with a Black man, whom she challenged to a fight and called "boy" while citing racist tropes. The post Latest Karen Video Shows ‘Crazy’ White Woman Call Black Man ‘Boy,’ Challenge Him To Fight At McDonald’s appeared first on NewsOne.

The commitment to first do no harm, even if unintentionally, is ignored over and over when pregnant Black women seek proper medical care. Racial discrimination leads to stunning disparities in not only healthcare access but quality healthcare even when access is available. The post Seven Ways Racism Harms Pregnant Black Women appeared first on NewsOne.

Congressman James Clyburn and other notable Black leaders were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.  The post Rep. James Clyburn Among Notable Black Leaders Awarded Presidential Medal Of Freedom appeared first on NewsOne.

There are more than 30 proposed bills targeting DEI programs at state-funded institutions. The post GOP Lawmakers Take More Steps Toward Trying To Eliminate DEI Nationwide appeared first on NewsOne.


Cracker, a slur aimed at white people, carries a complex history. Here's what we know about the decades old derogatory term. The post Is Cracker A Racial Slur? Breaking Down The Bigotry appeared first on NewsOne.


Congress allocated increased amounts of money to the Child Care and Development Block Grant, but more funding is needed. The post Increases To The Child Care And Development Block Grant Were Helpful, But Consistent Funding Is Needed appeared first on NewsOne.

BALTIMORE, MD. — There’s a massive emergency response after a ship crashed into a bridge in Baltimore causing the span to collapse. Video footage shows the moment the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed after one of its supports was struck by the large vessel around 1:30 this morning. Baltimore City fire officials say up to […] The post Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses In Baltimore, Hit By Container Ship appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.