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Last week Kanye went on a twitter rant riding on the big dogs at Adidas accusing them of stealing his ideas. This week a few of his celebrity friends are supporting his plans to boycott them.


It’s safe to say that after watching this video, you never have to worry about me getting on ANY rides ever again. A Drop Zone came crashing to the ground at an amusement park in India injuring 16 people.

Megan the Stallion finally releases the new video for her song “Ungrateful” with Key Glock. This song was one of her hits on her newly released “Traumatize” album. I am in love with this video because of the visuals and the all black aesthetic. I need everyone to go and check this video out! It’s […]

Comedian Tiffany Haddish is FINALLY speaking out regarding the sexual abuse allegations surrounding her after an old Comedy Skit has resurfaced. The Comedian took to Instagram to address Fans stating, in part “…Clearly while this sketch was intended to be funny. It wasn’t funny at all and I deeply regret having agreed to act in […]

The Never Broke Again Rapper, NBA Young Boy is reportedly expecting his 10th Child at the tender age of 22. Twitter erupted with the pregnancy allegations after the new Visual was released for the Rappers latest Single, “Purge Me”. Where a woman by the name of Jazlyn, who is also the mother of another one […]

If you like Lil’ Bow Wow get in here quick… The Millennium Tour Headliner, Bow Wow is back in the headlines. As new details and pricing have emerged for his upcoming Meet & Greets during his next tour. Now I’m not going to lie. Bow Wow was BAE back in the day. And you can’t […]

Welp, Family! It looks like our beloved Tiffany Haddish and Comedian Aries Spears are on there way to officially be CANCELLED. Recent video of the pair has surfaced in an old Comedy Skit. Which includes the alleged sexual abuse of a Child. Now the 60 sec clip I saw shows a Mom (Tiffany) dropping her […]

It's the rise of the single, lonely man so let's cue the violins. Plus, Lizzo claps back at the 'fat shamers', while Taye Diggs shares his love for his boo April Love. Do you need new friends that will gift you with stacks of cash? Find out how much Lil Baby gave his friend James Harden for his birthday.


Now I may or may not have been dreaming that I was taking a leak, only to wake up to a soaking wet bed but this isn’t about me and that’s beside the point. This is about a man in Ghana that was dreaming he was cutting meat for a meal and cut off his […]

Following a debate sparked by Diddy on who killed R&B, we highlighted 10 musicians who proved in 2022 that soul music is far from dead.

Megan the Stallion has EVERYONE talking about her new album “Traumazine”. She has said she did not make this album for anyone else but herself. With one of her songs on the album titled “HER” we definitely see her and her personality come out through the song. After listening to the album my personal favorite […]

Now I feel like I need to be honest and start off by saying, I’ve been Team Omarion since the group B2K debuted in the early 2000’s. And seeing how he’s handled drama with his Band members up to this point has been admirable. BUT he might have over played his “King of the Unbothered” […]