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(HipHopWired) 50 CENT is continuing to uphold the mission of his G-Unity Foundation, this time by stepping up to host “Forever Young Day” for youth in New York.

The rapper and aspiring actor will make an appearance in Queens, New York Saturday June 26th to host the event at Baisley Park.

Aimed at inspiring youth to become active in the community and avoid street life, Fifty says that he wants children to learn from his own personal experience.

He tells the New York Daily News,

“I want to be able to go and talk to them and [have] them really feel what my experience has been…They do what they’re influenced to do.”

In addition to encouraging youth to stay out of trouble the event will also encourage youth to exercise though not quite as much as the rapper who recently shed 60 pounds for a movie role.

Fifty also says that he tried to previously host an event similar to Forever Young Day last year but that it was quickly postponed by police over safety concerns.

He will not perform at Saturday’s event.